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Grey jeans for women


This is authentic denim but the indigo blue dye is replaced by different intensities of gray going up to black, with a gray warp thread and an ecru weft thread.

Authentic                       Blend                      Gray denim         

Authentic  Gray denim

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In the same way as white or black denim, grey jeans for women are basic denim trousers you absolutely need in your wardrobe!

These timeless jeans will match with all of your desires, and they will also easily fit in with an eveningwear look or a daytime outfit. It is perfectly possible to be glamorous, chic casual or even romantic with a simple pair of grey jeans! A floaty little shirt, a baggy T-shirt or a sexy top… an infinite range of variations for a perfect look!

There are plenty of shades and models of Le Temps des Cerises grey jeans for women to provide you with style: washed grey, dark grey, pearl grey, warm grey, worn grey…

All women are included here, whether they are slim or curvy, tall or short. Every body shape has a pair of jeans that will suit it: opt for skinny or slim light grey jeans for women if you have a slim and slender body shape. Do you have an hourglass figure? High-waisted grey jeans, which are both sensual and vintage are the ones for you! Are you tall? 7/8ths grey colour jeans will lengthen your legs and showcase your ankles for a very feminine look. This is the perfect jeans cut for the summer, to go with a pair of mules or colourful high heels. Regular grey jeans, on the other hand, will suit all women.

Le Temps des Cerises grey colour jeans are the denim item with bottom-enhancing properties: so, goodbye to any complexes! If you want to showcase your bottom, go for our push-up effect jeans! Pulp slim grey or pulp skinny grey jeans will be your best friend for showing off your gorgeous curves. 

Discover all of our models of Le Temps des Cerises grey colour jeans without delay to boost your femininity whatever the season!

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