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Accessories for women


To be at the forefront of fashion Le Temps des Cerises offers you the most beautiful women accessories that will perfect your look and reveal your personality.

Within our collection of women accessories, women shoes, women handbags, women lingerie and underwear, women belts, women scarves or even women hats specially created to make your looks unique and trendy.

Pieces designed to complete your outfits and bring the touch, the fashionable detail, they are designed to accompany all your looks whether you opt for a feminine and elegant look, rock, casual, there is something for all your fashion desires.

More and more finishes: sequins, plain, printed, studded,…; ever more varied colors: black, blue, khaki, brown, pink, ... our collection of accessories for women will satisfy your desires.

Fashion specialist for over 20 years Le Temps des Cerises thinks of every piece of your look. So complete your outfits with our women accessories and become a fashion icon.

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