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Women's collection

Le Temps des Cerises dresses all women with style thanks to ready-to-wear that knows how to reinvent itself. Our collection of women's clothing surfs the trend while showing its difference.
Le Temps des Cerises goes through the seasons and offers all women unique and trendy pieces. At the forefront of fashion, our brand is constantly innovating to enhance your wardrobe in winter and summer and dress you for every moment of the day. At the office, on holiday, in town... any occasion is good to follow fashion and express your creativity thanks to our collection!
Timeless pieces are revisited: our dresses, suits, coats, jackets, down jackets, jumpers, cardigans, sweatshirts, trousers, shorts, skirts, tops, tank tops, and shirts are unlike any other! These basics will dress you every day to affirm your personality. Our selection of dresses will give you a trendy look..
Not forgetting the speciality of Le Temps des Cerises which has made its international reputation: the jeans. The originality and the careful design of this star product of the brand is no longer to be proven. Its know-how in the manufacture of jeans dates back more than 20 years. Its Mediterranean origins, which smell of the sun, explain the diversity of styles that seduce all body types: slim jeans, skinny jeans, pulp jeans, boyfit jeans, regular jeans, high waist jeans... all our quality models will stay with you for years without ever letting you down!
Thanks to Le Temps des Cerises, change your style according to your desires and without depriving yourself by adopting a glamorous, modern, chic and resolutely stylish look. Perfect the smallest details of your look with our range of accessories, belts, shoes or scarves absolutely trendy and feminine.
Thanks to Le Temps des Cerises, the woman is perfectly highlighted for your greatest happiness!

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