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Blue Jogg

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31 Items

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Blue Jogg jeans for men

The men's blue jogg jeans are original and trendy jeans designed for the Le Temps des Cerises collection. This brand invention, a more than successful mix between jeans and jogging, is bound to seduce you!

Its unique relaxed fit on the hips gives you an undoubtedly trendy look. Its design in an innovative hybrid canvas, a mix between denim and jogging, ensures optimal comfort. You are comfortable all day long while having great freedom of movement, just like in a tracksuit! These are the ideal jeans for traveling, strolling, enjoying your holidays in peace or simply relaxing at home.

The models with abrasions reveal your rebellious side and the multiple colors match all your desires. Washing out has been our specialty for over two decades. Our models of blue jogg jeans thus have nuances that are never the same. The colors are subtly studied to reveal all the beauty of our jeans: black, black blue, dark blue, vintage blue or beige, there is necessarily the shade of your choice to meet your fashion expectations.

The smallest details of our jogg jeans men are meticulously crafted to meet all your requirements and suit every occasion and your style ideals: button or zipper closure, leather jacron, reinforced stitching, repaired holes, rivets ...

Thanks to Le Temps des Cerises, you are sure to have one of a kind trendy men's jeans that are unlike any other!

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