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  1. New Web Exclusivity
    White Catigi top
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  2. New Web Exclusivity
    Black striped Liviagi trousers
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  4. New Web Exclusivity
    Plum Faniagi sailor jumper
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    Midnight blue Catigi top
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    Raspberry Catigi top
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  10. New Forever Young
    Black Lalygi wide-leg trousers
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  13. New Forever Young
    Black Jemmagi sweatshirt
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    Black Rellgi wide-leg trousers
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  25. New Forever Young
    Houndstooth Zoyagi blazer
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    Raspberry Celiagi sweatshirt
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    Midnight blue Jasmingi dress
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  29. New Forever Young
    Green striped Ginagi oversized shirt
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    Multi-coloured Freyagi jumper
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388 Items

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Clothes for girls


Quickly discover our trendy collection of Le Temps des Cerises clothing for girls!

Dress your child or teenager from head to toe with our wide range of quality ready-to-wear. Jeans for girls have been the brand's specialty for 20 years. Our models are designed in quality materials with a design at the forefront of fashion.

To be even more fashionable and at ease, our Le Temps des Cerises leggings for girls also do very well. The t-shirts for girls, tops for girls and shirts for girls available in various patterns and colors are suitable for each age and each body type.

Treat your daughter with pretty colorful cardigans for girls, original sweaters for girls, or even Le Temps des Cerises branded sweatshirts for girls to stay warm in winter and summer evenings.

To play outdoors or go out with friends, the jacket for girls and coat for girls are essential wardrobe pieces. Whether it's a windbreaker, a jacket or a denim jacket, your daughter is sure to meet her requirements and desires!

To be the most beautiful to go dancing or simply to be modern and light in summer, our plain or floral dresses for girls and skirts for girls are ideal. Shorts, playsuits, dungarees and corsairs also have it all.

Our original collection extends to swimwear and even canvas and glitter sneakers. Your daughter feels unique and pretty thanks to the Le Temps des Cerises. Our varied catalog allows her to create a girly look, more dressed or rebellious when she wishes.

Le Temps des Cerises dresses young and older girls with style and elegance in all circumstances.

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