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Regular Comfort fit jeans for men


The regular jeans are universal with their modern style that suits everyone. The straight cut is ideal for sporty thighs!

Comfort canvas          Standard fit          Straight cut         Suited fit         Timeless

Comfort canvasStandard fit
TimelessStraight cut

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Regular comfort jeans for men

The regular fit jeans men are a great classic that every fashion enthusiast must have in his wardrobe.

Straight from the waist to the ankles, the regular jeans men is ideal for all body types. Whether you are thin, robust, tall or small, your regular comfort Le Temps des Cerises jeans meet your expectations to enhance your body shape!

Le Temps des Cerises has reinvented this basic by offering you regular fit jeans men with comfortable fabric and perfectly defined details and contours. Button closure, leather jacron, piping on the pockets ... our trendy jeans always have that attention to detail that makes the difference and the key to our success.

With our character collection, your look is out of the ordinary!

The many colors allow them to be worn as you wish and in all seasons. With a shirt, a polo shirt or even a sweatshirt, you can afford anything. Sneakers or dress shoes, treat yourself according to your moods in terms of style!

For the office, the city, the holidays, the regular jeans men are the denim pants that adapts to all situations and can be worn on any occasion.

Regular fit jeans men allow you to play on styles and reveal all aspects of your personality. With regular jeans men, you can easily flaunt a chic and formal look as you create a totally relaxed look. It is very easy to accommodate and accessorize it, so let your creativity run wild!

When it comes to style, everything is possible with Le Temps des Cerises jeans.

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