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High waisted jeans for women

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69 Items

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High waisted


The high waisted jeans women are the trendy retro jeans to absolutely own in one's wardrobe! Every woman's waist is highlighted by these high waisted jeans women that subtly highlight the curves of the hips thanks to their very stretchy fabric. Hourglass silhouettes are more than welcome to wear them! They're a must-have for any body type.

These 80s jeans women are making a comeback in every wardrobe to give you the most festive look. With a crop top, a simple t-shirt, a blouse or even a shirt, it will help you make your style statement! On the shoes side, it's the same thing, you can dare everything! All looks are allowed with these Le Temps des Cerises high waisted jeans women that allow you to imagine various outfits. Casual, chic, and sportswear you have the embarrassment of choice to have fun and show your originality!!

Le Temps des Cerises high waisted jeans women come in several cuts to satisfy all morphologies: whether it is a skinny, slim or regular cut, you will inevitably find the jeans to enhance your assets! Lengthen your legs thanks to a cut close to the body, give you a rock look with straight jeans women, a worn and washed look, a push up effect to shape your buttocks, you won't be able to do without them!

Le Temps des Cerises high waisted jeans women are adorned with unique shades and details to totally assert your personality in any season, whether it's day or evening. 7/8 length, frayed or shortened bottoms, revive your style without complex!

Le Temps des Cerises has the power to dress modern women and make them incomparable by revisiting must-have pieces.

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