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Boyfriend / boyfit for women


Boyfit fit for a guaranteed trendy look!

Here is the most glamorous version of the jeans that we steal from our boyfriend. It can be worn on the hips or high on the waist. It is suitable for all, whether you are thin, curvy, tall or small.

Comfort canvas          Loose on hips          Tightened leg         Boyfriend fit 

Comfort canvasBoyfriend fit
Loose on hipsTightened leg

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Boyfit Cut


Surf the male-female trend! Adopt a boyfit Le Temps des Cerises jeans for an assertive and truly trendy look!

The Women's Boyfit jeans subtly combine comfort and femininity: their relaxed fit is modern, fitted and low-rise or medium rise, making them perfect for all body types. Round and slim women can easily make it their own for a look that makes an impact. It has the particularity of blurring your curves while highlighting your posture! Straight and loose, but more slim than a Boyfriend cut, these jeans women allow you to break the codes and combine styles by letting your creativity run free. They are a great way to get the most out of your body. !

Go for a casual look or pair it with an outfit with feminine accessories and dressy shoes for evening. Jackets, shirts and small, close to the body tops offset the masculine look of Boyfit jeans women for a fashion-forward look. With your Boyfit jeans, if you want to flaunt a casual or sportswear look, slim sneakers and a loose top will do the trick!

Worn, washed, light or dark, you're bound to fall for our original collection of Boyfit jeans women Le Temps des Cerises jeans that are both vintage and truly contemporary. The brand has a sense of design to guarantee you an inimitable style. Our range of Le Temps des Cerises jeans are made from quality Italian fabric that ensures you will wear your pre-loved denim pants for years to come. We believe that the best denim trousers are the ones that will last you a lifetime.

We are confident that our passion and craftsmanship in making our jeans will bring you complete satisfaction to fulfill your everyday fashion desires.

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