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  1. Which Polo Shirt for Summer ?

    Which Polo Shirt for Summer ?

    The trend for men’s polo shirts is still on this summer! Discover all of our tips for choosing and wearing one as part of your great summer outfits.

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  2. Which jeans for which season ?

    Which jeans for which season ?

    Women’s jeans are the item that we wear throughout the year, and they are one of the essentials in our wardrobe. The many models of jeans available means that they can be worn with any type of footwear you want, in addition to a soft warm pullover in winter or nice colourful tops in summer! But which jeans should you wear in winter and in summer so you can be comfortable and look good? Whatever the weather, Le Temps des Cerises will tell you all you need to know so you can stay fashionable throughout the whole year!


    Women’s jeans models for the spring-summer seas

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  3. How to wear Cosy Boyfit jeans ?

    How to wear Cosy Boyfit jeans ?

    Dare to be unpredictable! Le Temps des Cerises cosy boyfit jeans are a must have for your wardrobe. But what does boyfit mean?

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  4. Roots Natural

    Roots Natural

    This season, urban tech integrates functional multi-pocket pieces in materials and tech details.

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  5. Delicate stone

    Delicate stone

    The "Le Temps des Cerises" woman is the heroine of her own movie and she plays several roles.

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  6. Urban Survival

    Urban Survival

    New season, new freshness, desire to enjoy the end of summer.

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  7. Blue goes green

    Blue goes green

    Découvrez nos démarches d’aujourd’hui, et nos engagements de demain!

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  8. I have an H morphology

    I have an H morphology

    Our shoulders are the same width as our hips, we have a little or no marked waist. We have a small breast and a mini booty.

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  9. I have an X-shaped morphology

    I have an X-shaped morphology

    Our shoulders are the same width as our hips and we have a marked waist. In fact, our silhouette is perfectly balanced and above all very feminine.

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  10. I have an O-shape

    I have an O-shape

    Our shoulders are normal, we have a generous chest, a barely present waist, wide hips, a curvy belly and thighs. We also have a Kim Kardashian-style butt (or almost) with a nice arch. The alignment of our shoulders, waist, hips and thighs forms a curved line. In fact, we are a luscious girl, "with shapes and curves, it serves to warm the hearts" to quote the song by Amel Bent.

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