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Slim jeans for women

jeans slim for women le temps des cerises

This fit promises you the perfect silhouette, whatever your body type. Adjusted fit that sculpts the body.

Adapts to all body types, whether you are thin or curvy, small or tall!

Stretch canvas          Tightened leg           Indeformable and comfort denim

Stretch canvas

Tightened leg

Indeformable and comfort denim



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Slim fit

The women's slim jeans Le Temps des Cerises is a must-have and resolutely trendy jeans.

Close to the body, it comes to sublimate your look. Its specific cut emphasizes the ankles without tightening them for sharp legs. Ideal for petite and slim women, the Le Temps des Cerises slim jeans women add allure and launch the silhouette. The Le Temps des Cerises slim jeans women are a perfect fit for women who are small and slim women.

Available in high waist or mid-rise, the slim pair of jeans women has the gift of making every woman look remarkable by enhancing her shape for the most sensual marked waist.

The Le Temps des Cerises slim jeans women collection is vast and allows you to dress every woman for every occasion and in every season. The fabrics, the wash, the details of each model of jeans women are unique! It's up to you to combine clothing and accessories as you like, for evening or day. The slim jeans have the advantage of being able to easily associate with sandals, ballerinas, sneakers, loafers or even pumps you can afford everything!

The slim fit push up jeans are a big hit: in addition to highlighting your legs, they come to highlight the curve of your buttocks to fully express your femininity and your personality.

To have style without forgetting comfort, the leather-effect slim jeans women are adorned with trendy colors to stay fashionable and comfortable all winter long.

In addition to all the shades of blue, Le Temps des Cerises skinny jeans make a statement with fresh pastel colors: water green, pink or even white, they give you a sunny and lively look full of lightness.

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