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Jeans for women

Discover all our women's denim fits, passionately crafted by our denim artisans.

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    Faded blue denim Calzan skirt
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    Blue denim Athena sleeveless jacket
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    Jenou pulp slim jeans blue N°4
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    Khaki Kaya capri trousers
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    Delos pulp slim 7/8th jeans black N°2
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    Pricilia high waist 7/8th jeans white
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    Flare jeans destroy blue N°5
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    Maes flare jeans blue N°5
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    Pulp regular high waist jeans white
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    Faded blue denim Arol capri trousers
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199 Items

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Le Temps des Cerises is the story of the legacy of a unique know-how, of a passion for jeans passed down from a father to his son. The women's jeans is the brand's specialty, which has managed to perpetuate a glam rock spirit through all its collections. Quality fabrics from the best Italian factories, a unique know-how in washing and a concern for detail in the design of each denim garment, here is what makes the success of the brand Le Temps des Cerises.

Whether it's for the first time in the world, Le Temps des Cerises is a brand that has a strong reputation.

Whether it's a regular jeans women, Boyfit, Mom, 7/8ths, skinny or slim jeans women that fit every woman's shape and accentuate her curves, all Le Temps des Cerises cuts are designed to enhance every body type.

Denim: it is the trendy and timeless fabric, a basic that can be worn as Bermuda shorts, corsairs, shorts, denim skirt for women, denim jumpsuit for women or even jackets. Our unique collection adapts to every season and allows every woman to create a chic, relaxed and vintage wardrobe.

The collection is designed to be worn in all seasons.

Le Temps des Cerises knows how to cultivate its difference and renew itself over the years. The denim pants models change with the seasons and are adorned with colors (blue, black...) and effects to look good in winter and summer. Our denim pants in bright, pastel colors or leather effect give every woman the power to glow and stay chic in any circumstance with your jeans outfit women.

What's more, they're made to look great in any season.

Whether it's a women's skinny jeans, classic or original cut, high waist or low waist, destroy or coated, Le Temps des Cerises has the art of dressing every personality with femininity. The jeans denim women that make your buttocks look good are the brand's specialty. It allows every woman to reinvent herself every day while affirming her character and her difference.


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