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Look chill n°02 for men

Look chill n°02 for men

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    Brown leather Meral belt
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Look Chill n°2

Le Temps des Cerises offers you all the essential pieces to create unique outfits to wear every season, whatever the occasion. This year again, we're banking on the layering trend.

You can layer endlessly and enjoy yourself: men's t-shirts, men's denim shirts, men's overshirts, don't hesitate to multiply the layers. Men's blue ajusted jeans will complement any outfit perfectly.

Complete your outfit with a man's leather belt for a casual look that remains trendy.

At Le temps des Cerises our stylists imagine and make unique pieces to create outfits at the cutting edge of fashion.

Dare to layer for a trendy look with our Le Temps des Cerises Chill Look n°2.


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