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900/16 jeans for men


Loose on the hips, low crotch and twisted effect on the leg, it is a variation of the look of the 900/15, it is more open at the knees and ankles. It can be worn trendy, placed on the hips or fitted at the waist, depending on the figure.

Stretch canvas                  Exceptionnal comfort            Low crotch                    Tightened at the bottom of the leg  

Stretch canvas
Exceptionnal comfort
Tightened at the bottom of the legLow crotch

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The Le Temps des Cerises 900/16 jeans for men are an essential choice for those who are looking for an outfit that is both casual and trendy.

The 900/16 cut provides a casual style on the hips, with a low crotch and a twisted look on the leg for a modern and trendy allure. In comparison with their variant, this cut is more open at the knees and ankles, ensuring that it looks more elegant and is more comfortable to wear.

What makes these jeans even more attractive is the stretch fabric that is used to make them. This high-quality material ensures exceptional comfort and a perfect fit over the contours of the body. Whether for a day at work, an evening out with friends or a sporty activity, these jeans provide great freedom of movement and optimal comfort, thus meeting the expectations of active men who want their outfit to feel comfortable.

Another interesting aspect regarding the 900/16 is the low crotch. It allows you to wear these jeans lower down on the hips and also adds a casual touch to your outfit. They are therefore an ideal choice for men who are looking for a casual and trendy style along with great comfort.

Furthermore, the 900/16 jeans for men have a slightly tighter fit on the lower leg, making them adaptable and easy to wear with different types of shoes. Whether you prefer shirts, T-shirts or sweatshirts, these jeans go perfectly with all styles. They can be worn low slung, on the hips or higher up on the waist depending on your body shape.

Don’t delay, get yourself a pair of Le Temps des Cerises 900/16 men’s jeans and express your style to the max.

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