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Stretch jeans for women, skinny & slim jeans - Women's Fit Guide


If you like a comfortable fabric that's not too stretchy, then you need to choose women's stretch jeans made from a combination of cotton and elastane. This way, your women's jeanswill give you the style you want, while still being comfortable to wear every day, thanks to the stretch fabric. So, have you already chosen your women's stretch jeans?  

Stretch                    Comfort                   Extensible                            


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    Jeans pulp slim Edna 7/8th blue N°2
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    Jeans pulp flare high waist 7/8th blue N°1
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    Jeans boyfit Cosy Pocket 7/8th blue N°2
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    Jeans flare Lauryn destroy blue N°3
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    Jeans pulp slim Neff blue N°3
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    Jeans pulp slim Ferry 7/8th blue N°1
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    Jeans pulp regular Kops blue N°3
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90 Items

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Stretch jeans: ultra-comfortable, feminine jeans

Le Temps des Cerises women's stretch jeans are ultra-comfortable stretch fabric jeans that hug the body without compressing it. They are made from cotton and elastane.

Le Temps des Cerises stretch fabric is comfortable to wear, without being too elastic. It's the perfect compromise between the high stretch and low stretch fabrics offered by Le Temps des Cerises. Stretch has the ultra-feminine ability to enhance a woman's legs and have a sheathing effect to eliminate all your little complexes.

Stretch jeans for women in all styles

Le Temps des Cerises allows all women to indulge their desires!

The women's stretch denim collection allows you to create every style for your greatest pleasure, with a range of trendy cuts:

  • Slim fit: a must-have for all body types;
  • Skinny fit: an ultra-sexy, body-hugging fit;
  • Regular fit: a straight cut for every look;
  • Bootcut: a vintage cut full of style;
  • Flare fit: the ultra-trendy retro elephant-leg cut;
  • Boyfit fit: a relaxed, stylish cut;
  • Mom fit: the trendy vintage cut.

Women stretch jeans for all body shapes

Le Temps des Cerises stretch jeans are perfect for all women, without exception! All women can wear them, as they come in a range of sizes, from 23 to 34!

The wide range of cuts means you can find the perfect pair of trousers for every body type.

Curvy women look great in mom or boyfriend jeans, or high-waisted stretch jeans to emphasise their waist and hide their tummy.

Smaller women opt for bootcut stretch jeans, high-waisted stretch jeans, straight stretch jeans, slim stretch jeans or skinny jeans.

Taller women look particularly good in stretch flare jeans and are spoilt for choice in all other cuts.

Slim women can opt for stretch flare jeans, bootcut jeans, slim jeans, skinny jeans... In short, you can wear them all!

Whatever your figure, you can afford it all thanks to Le Temps des Cerises!

Women stretch denim finishes to suit all tastes

Le Temps des Cerises offers women's stretch jeans with meticulous finishes that are full of style: destroy for rebellious women, coated for casual chic women and vintage for trendy and relaxed women who like to be at the top of the trend.

Le Temps des Cerises women's stretch jeans also come in a variety of washes for a modern look that stands out from the crowd. The different wash colours are crafted by the brand in an environmentally-friendly way to ensure you get unique stretch jeans!

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