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High waisted jeans for women - Women's Jeans Fit Guide


High waisted jeans are THE current trend. It almost covers the navel, curves, refines and sculpts the silhouette.

Shapes      Sculpts        Refines


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What is the Le Temps des Cerises high-rise cut for women?

Women's high-waisted jeans are vintage-inspired trousers that are an incredible success. Everyone loves to wear them! Women's high-waisted jeans are ultra-feminine denim trousers that emphasise the waist, with an extremely pleasing sheathing effect!

Depending on the trousers, the high waist can be slightly below the navel or almost covering it.

What are Le Temps des Cerises high-waisted jeans for women?

Glamorous jeans

Women's high-waisted jeans come in a wide range of cuts to create feminine, glamorous looks. They sculpt the figure and define the waist. Like all Le Temps des Cerises jeans, they give an irresistible vintage look!

Trendy vintage jeans

Le Temps des Cerises is THE specialist in vintage jeans! Women's high-waisted jeans are ultra-trendy retro denim trousers. That's why the brand offers them in every cut to suit every woman, every body shape and every style. And of course, no woman is left out, because all our women's high-waisted jeans come in all sizes, from 23 to 34!

A wide range of high-waisted jeans for women

It's well known that Le Temps des Cerises wants to magnify all body shapes without exception. That's why our women's high-waisted jeans come in all our best-selling cuts: regular, mom, boyfit, skinny, slim, 7/8th, bootcut, criss cross…. Whether you're tall, short, slim or curvy, you're sure to find the women's high-waisted jeans you need! Of course, you can choose from a range of colours to match all your outfits.

And don't forget our different denim washes for women's high-waisted jeans to match all the pieces in your wardrobe, to create a classic look or a more destroy look, depending on what you want.

Le Temps des Cerises attaches real importance to meticulous and original details in the manufacture of its jeans. That's why you can be sure you're choosing unique, high-quality jeans with fine finishing that you'll never want to take off!

Who can wear women's high-waisted jeans?

High-waisted jeans are perfect for women with an X or 8 shape, i.e. women with a pronounced waist and an hourglass figure. They immediately create an ultra-glamorous look and an irresistible pin-up look!

One of the advantages of wearing women's high-waisted jeans is that they can hide a small tummy for women with complexities and give a slimmer silhouette for women who are rather petite.

How do I wear high-waisted jeans?

Women's high-waisted jeans can be worn with any outfit, summer or winter, so make the most of them! With trainers or heels, anything is possible to look stylish.

You can have a shirt tucked in and emphasise your waist with a pretty belt for an evening out, for example.

Or opt for a crop top and a pair of trendy trainers! You're spoilt for choice, because Le Temps des Cerises women's high-waisted jeans go with everything in your wardrobe.


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