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Ripped jeans for women : distressed and stressed jeans for women


Do you want unique, trendy and casual jeans? So go ahead and discover our selection of destroyed jeans.
Terms like destroy, repaired holes and abrasions that are the result of brushing the canvas for a naturally worn look will no longer hold any secrets for you. Every detail of the jeans is handmade.

Trendy                   Unique                  Rebellious spirit                             

Rebellious spirit

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    Pulp slim by Véronika Loubry jeans destroy blue N°2
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33 Items

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Ripped and destroy jeans for women

Discover our range of Le Temps des Cerises women's ripped eans to be at the forefront of fashion while shaking up the codes!

All fashion buffs know it, ripped jeans are an essential piece of clothing in the female wardrobe. These are the jeans for rebellious women who like to be noticed while being ultra stylish!

It immediately gives a casual and trendy look to those who dare to wear it. A strong piece of the wardrobe, ripped jeans for women are available in many models and cuts to dress and enhance all women: skinny, slim, regular, boyfit, 7/8th, high waist, flare, bootcut, not to mention our Heritage range, the most worked of the mark. Also fall for our Pulp models and their push-up effect, to highlight your posterior! Whether low-stretch or very stretchy, destroy jeans know how to dress your silhouette.

Each Le Temps des Cerises ripped jeans is special, with worked finishes and neat washes, the fruit of a unique know-how and specialty of the brand for several years (washed used, stone used, double stone, stone bleached, and bleach wash).

The wear of ripped jeans for women can be discreet or pronounced, depending on your style and your desires. Blue, black or grey, it's up to you to choose from all our colors to match the different rooms in your dressing room!

Show off your rebellious personality with our original collection of ripped jeans for women that suit all body types, round, slim, tall or small. For a glam rock look in winter and summer!

Find now the ripped Le Temps des Cerises women's jeans that you need!

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