Men's shirt fits

As everyone knows, the men's shirt is a basic of the men's wardrobe. It can be worn day or night, in various colors, materials and for all kinds of occasions. But what are the different shirt cuts and which one to choose according to your morphology to have style? We explain to you!

Regular or straight fit shirt

Features of the regular shirt

Classic shirt fit include the essential regular shirt. Its basic and timeless cut appeals to all men. The sides of the regular shirt fall straight and are parallel.

What body types is the regular shirt suitable for?

The regular fit shirt is particularly suitable for curvy men, because it blurs small flaws. It is also perfect for muscular and V-shaped men who find comfort and freedom of movement in the regular shirt. Although it is more recommended for these two types of figures, the good news is that almost anyone can make the regular shirt their own if they want to. The silhouettes too thin or even skinny are not especially highlighted in this shirt cut. The regular shirt has the advantage of easily lending itself to all styles and particularly to casual chic looks.

The fitted or semi-slim shirt

Features of the fitted shirt

The slim fit shirt, as the name suggests, follows the curves of the figure. It is slightly tighter at the bust, without compressing it. This is the right compromise between a straight shirt and a fitted shirt. It is an essential shirt to have in your wardrobe, comfortable, elegant and chic in all circumstances.

What body types are suitable for the fitted shirt?

The fitted shirt has an ideal cut to refine the silhouette! H-shaped men, whose shoulders and hips are aligned with a low waistline are especially highlighted with this shirt cut. Are you thin? Do you have wide shoulders? The slim fit will also look great on you, rest assured!

The slim fit or slim fit shirt

Features of the fitted shirt

The slim fit shirt is very close to the body, tightened at the waist as well as in the back line.

What body types is the fitted shirt suitable for?

The fitted shirt is ideal for thin men, muscular men (but not too much!), and men with a V-shaped body, that is to say, with the shoulders wider than the hips. It is, however, not particularly recommended for curvy men who want to hide their overweight or small flaws.

What type of shirt collar to choose?

To choose the right shirt, you must also pay attention to all the details, including the collar. Here are some examples of the types of collar to choose according to your morphology.

French collar shirt

The French collar is the so-called classic collar, it can be worn with or without a tie. It suits all styles, from casual to chic. It has medium length tips that are wide apart. This shirt collar is perfect for refining round faces.

The Italian collar shirt

The Italian collar, also called large collar, has longer points and a little more apart than the French collar. Its much wider opening is particularly suitable for men with an elongated face. You can wear a shirt with an Italian collar with or without a tie (choose it rather large) and always be classy. However, men with a strong neck circumference should preferably avoid the Italian collar.

Shirt with an officer collar

The officer collar is a straight collar with a single button, without a flap, often confused with the mandarin collar. No tie or bow tie with this chic yet relaxed collar that doesn’t need to be accessorized. The officer collar is suitable for all body types, however make sure it rises high enough if you have a rather long neck.

The club collar shirt

It is a shirt collar with a collar stand and rounded ends. It’s a rather casual model that can be worn with or without a tie and with a bow tie.

The shirt with the American collar

Also called a button-down collar, this type of collar is ideal for round and elongated faces.

The English collar shirt

The English collar is characterized by its small opening and its placket connecting the two sides of the collar. It is worn with a thin and elegant tie. It lengthens the face and is strongly discouraged for men with a wide neck.

What patterns and colors to choose for your shirt?

No secret: choosing a shirt in dark colors will refine your silhouette unlike light colors. Be careful, patterned shirts can thicken, just like shirts with horizontal lines. The vertical lines are perfect for slimming the silhouette. The denim shirt is perfect for creating a casual look.

Basic rules for choosing the right shirt fit

Now that you have an idea of your ideal shirt cut, you need to get into the details! Here are some key rules to consider when trying on before proceeding to the buying stage.

The shirt collar

To make sure you choose the correct size of shirt collar, you should be able to slip two fingers with the buttoned and closed collar. Small faces prefer small collars. The long collars, for their part, lengthen the face. A well-chosen shirt collar reaches about halfway up the neck.

Shirt cuffs

Once the cuffs are properly buttoned, try to pass your hand. If it gets stuck, you’ve made the right choice! Of course, you need to be comfortable with a wrist that is neither too loose nor too tight. Be aware that there are shirts with adjustable cuffs to make your job easier!

Shirt sleeves

Your shirt sleeve length should end just before the palm of your hand. The sleeves should not stick to your arms, and be slightly wider, same rule for short-sleeved shirts.

The armhole of the shirt

Pay attention to the armhole seam of your shirt to make sure you choose the right size, neither too wide nor too tight. It must mark the break in the shoulder.

The buttons of the shirt

Check that the buttons connecting the two sides of your shirt are not pulling to be sure you made the right choice!

Shirt size

A shirt usually shrinks a bit in the wash, so take it, for safety, a little wider (about 2-3cm). Be careful, however, that it is not too wide at the hips.

The length of the shirt

A trick to making sure a shirt is the right length: tuck your shirt into your pants and raise your arms. A well-chosen shirt does not normally come out of the pants. For shirts worn outside, set a limit of 10 cm in length for a top look!

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