How to wear the scarf ?

The scarf has been a big trend for several seasons. It is one of the most fashionable accessories to have in your wardrobe. In the hair, around the neck, on a bag or even on the belt, the scarf is a real chameleon !

A timeless accessory

The scarf is constantly being adapted to suit all styles! Delicate and silky for summer days, soft and more imposing during winter days the scarf crosses the seasons without difficulty.

Full eye colors

This year, the scarf is going to be colourful! Pop and flashy colors are in the spotlight this year. A great way to enhance your outfit with a touch of 'so fresh' color! But you can also opt for pastel or neutral tones for a more sober look.

Thousand and one prints

Stripes, polka dots, flowers, foliage and gingham prints keep invading these fabric squares. A panoply of prints is offered to you in order to vary the pleasures and to switch of style according to your desires !

Increase the volume

Because the scarf adapts to all tastes and because the girl varies, the scarf also varies! In silk, smooth or pleated, in woven or knitted wool, the scarf never stops reinventing itself. It then offers many volumes, it can be discreet, warm or even sophisticated !

How to wear the scarf?


An ultra-trendy hair accessory, the scarf can be knotted in several ways !
It can form a pretty ponytail knot or slip into a braid for a sophisticated bobo touch. For a return to the 70's, the scarf can be worn as a headband! Finally you can wear the scarf as a bandana or a turban !

Purse the scarf on the bag

Here, we have two rooms with two atmospheres! The scarf tied on the hip of a basket brings a touch of bohemian freshness so romantic to your look. On the other hand, on a leather bag, chic is guaranteed !

Jeans party

We customize our jeans with a colorful scarf that we slip between the passers-by! The scarf looks just as good on pants as it does on a skirt. The must-have is to combine it with high waist bootcut jeans and a white blouse for an ultra trendy look !