How to wear the knitted sweater?

The day is rising later and the night is falling early … summer is over and winter is about to begin! We therefore declare the season of jumpers and more particularly of the open mesh!

The knit sweater is a timeless piece that you will never get tired of. It combines comfort and style and has many followers, from home to restaurant through the office!

What kind of sweater to choose?

Power Color

The colorful sweater! The trend is towards pop and flashy colours. Plain, striped or printed, the sweater becomes a real artist's canvas. The colour pink is particularly popular this year. From pastel pink to fuchsia, you're sure to find the pink sweater that will delight you.

Volume XXL

We play on volumes with large knit sweaters! In addition to being warm and comfortable, the XXL knit sweaters make your look sophisticated. Bet on the Irish mesh for even more volume!

50 shades of collars

The sweater has the advantage of varying looks thanks to its different collars. The trends of the year are the turtleneck and the high collar! Worn under a jacket or coat, this type of collar brings a certain elegance to your outfit.

How to wear it?

Jeans love

Bet on a knitted sweater with slim jeans for a timeless and ultra-modern look! With sneakers on your feet, your outfit is 100% Casual without being neglected !

Skirt trend

We mix the knit sweater with a pleated mid-long skirt to be right in the trend! You can also opt for a leather pencil skirt for a sophisticated offbeat look.

Lace passion

The overlay for even more style! Put a knitted sweater over a piece of lace for a romantic look.