Women's fashion: how to wear a khaki jacket?

The women's khaki jacket is a wardrobe must-have that is easy to wear in all seasons. You are demanding when it comes to fashion and you don't know how or with what to wear your khaki jacket? Follow the guide! This trendy jacket suits all styles for a great look!

How to choose a khaki jacket?

The khaki jackets models are adorned with various details and embroideries. It's up to you to choose, to make it a strong part of your outfit or a rather discreet element to complete your look.

The different models of khaki jackets

There are many models of khaki women jackets, there is something for everyone ! It all depends on the style you want to display, but you'll find many types of khaki jackets to inspire you.

Curved, short, long... the choice is yours! The oversize or unisex models are also popular and give a loose effect to your look for a resolutely trendy result.

. The khaki bomber jacket: it is perfect for small women because it balances the silhouette. The flowing bomber is ideal for plus-size women.

. The khaki or embroidered camouflage jacket : the khaki camouflage jacket is one of the basic models. But the great success of this jacket has multiplied the imagination of designers: you can now find jackets with trendy and feminine flower prints and khaki jackets with multiple designs. This type of jacket is perfect for women who want to look smaller.

. The khaki denim jacket and the perfecto: these are must-haves to keep warm on summer evenings or to add a touch of originality to a simple outfit. These types of jackets are also perfect for "breaking" a slightly chic look.

. The long khaki trench-type jacket immediately gives charisma and allure to tall women.

What look with a khaki jacket?

Good news: the women's khaki green jacket fits almost any wardrobe! It's perfect with leather and denim at any time of day.

The khaki jacket in the evening

For a casual chic look, try a khaki perfecto jacket with a pretty white, gray, black dress or in pastel colors. Match your outfit with heels or wedges. Go for the lace dress and the khaki jacket for a successful romantic look.

The khaki jacket in the city

For a casual or streetwear look, match a straight cut short khaki jean jacket with a skirt, pants, or jeans with sneakers and a patterned or plain t-shirt.

For a military look, you can wear a wide unisex jacket, boots, while feminizing the outfitwith a small neckline top and gold accessories. Don't forget the leopard print or ethnic pouch!

The khaki jacket to go to work

Bet on simplicity! To be resolutely elegant, a fitted khaki jacket, raw jeans, a black satin shirt, ankle boots or heels will suffice. This look is also perfect for going out in the evening after your work day.

What colors to match her khaki jacket with?

Impossible to miss the khaki, it's everywhere! Khaki jackets are available in a range of colours to suit all women, from lighter to darker shades.

Even if this color makes you completely crazy, avoid wearing your khaki jacket in tone on tone with khaki jeans or a khaki sweatshirt for example. However, fashionistas can mix and match different khaki pieces with different shades or prints for a trendy look. Beware, avoid the total look and limit yourself to a maximum of two khaki pieces per look!

Gold is the colour that goes best with khaki. Your jacket will go perfectly with a golden skirt for example. You can also accessorize your outfits with gold jewellery.

Pastel, light and bright colours are perfect allies for your khaki jacket (light yellow, orange, powder pink etc.). Black and white, timeless colours, are of course ideal with your khaki women's jacket.