How to choose your men's coat?

The coat is an essential part of the male wardrobe. Sometimes it is difficult to choose the perfect coat that follows the trends and suits us perfectly. Here is a short guide to finding the ideal coat, both elegant and adapted to your figure and your size!

The different models of men's coats

Here is a small non-exhaustive summary of the men's coats to absolutely have in his wardrobe to be always at the forefront of fashion:

  • The trench coat: long or short, chosen in beige, brown, or even black, it is a timeless, versatile coat to absolutely have in your wardrobe
  • Men's parka: Dare to wear the camouflage or solid khaki parka. It crosses the years without taking a fold and remains timeless
  • The perfecto or the leather biker jacket (lined): it is the centerpiece of the rock and rebel style, impossible to do without it
  • The duffle coat: a casual, warm and stylish three-quarter length coat
  • The down jacket: with or without a hood, long or short, it is practical, light, and perfect for sportswear looks
  • The Chesterfield coat: an elegant knee-length overcoat, perfect in black, gray or camel, ideal for a formal outfit
  • The cover coat: similar to the Chesterfield coat, its difference, its length stopping at mid-thigh.
  • The denim jacket: it can be considered as a mid-season coat. It suits all styles and goes with all parts of the dressing room.

Some rules for choosing the right coat for men

Gentlemen, several criteria must be taken into account to be sure of making the right choice of coat:

  • Pay particular attention to the quality of your coat: to be elegant and keep you warm all winter, this strong piece must be made from a beautiful material (wool, cashmere, leather, feathers, technical synthetic material, etc.)
  • Look carefully at the finishes, linings etc. of your coat
  • For those more reluctant to light colored coats and patterns, know that black, charcoal gray and navy blue are basic colors that work well with any outfit.
  • Choose your coat according to your morphology for a successful look.

Choose your coat according to your morphology

As with all clothing, the coat is chosen according to its morphology to highlight its silhouette.

You are a small man

No big surprise: small men should prefer short coats, with a maximum length up to the buttocks. Long coats are in fact not recommended because they compact the silhouette. If necessary, you can choose coats with small patterns to add volume to your build or a coat with vertical stripes to enhance your look.

You are a round man

The goal is to structure your figure without adding volume to it, by adding more density to the build. Opt for fitted coats to mark your waist, padded on the shoulders and rather short (pelvis level). The vertical stripes on your coat are perfect for you and will refine your figure with an optical effect. Avoid coats with large patterns, large checks or horizontal stripes which have an unflattering magnifying effect for

You have a V-shaped figure

Do you have a V-shaped or inverted pyramid figure, meaning your bust wider than your pelvis? You need to choose a coat that balances your shoulder width and your waist. Coats with shoulder pads are to be avoided, like the down jacket, you are already well enough muscular, no need to add more! Opt for long coats at mid-thigh for a perfectly successful look. The coat should be fitted without being tight, preferably choose it in a solid shade. The shiny materials, horizontal stripes and large patterns give an impression of volume and increase the shoulders, so they are also to be avoided for your body type.

You have an H or rectangle silhouette

Are your shoulders and hips aligned and your waist not marked? To choose it well, your coat must bring less volume to your shoulders and your pelvis to properly rebalance your figure. Long and mid-length tops look great on you! Semi-fitted coats and jackets without shoulder pads are also made for your rectangle shape. Avoid overly structured jackets that add volume to your already squared shoulders.

You are tall

Do you have long legs, but are you self-conscious about your tall size? Choose a short coat, the maximum length of which stops at the pockets of your pants. The bomber, the pea coat and the duffle-coat are coats that are perfect for adults with a little complex.

And if you want to highlight your basketball player size, long, thick coats (in wool, etc.) are your best allies. Do not be afraid of jackets with fitted shoulders, on the contrary, they are at the height of elegance to enhance your look!

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