How to choose your men's jeans fit?

The main fits of men's jeans

Whether they are wide or close to the body, men's jeans fits are diverse and varied! Here is an overview of the main fits of jeans to suit all styles and all body types.

Regular jeans

Comfortable and trendy, regular jeans have a straight cut, rather wide on the thighs and on the bottom. They are the perfect compromise between straight jeans and loose jeans. It has the advantage of hug shapes without compressing them. It is a must-have basic to have in your wardrobe to create outfits with ease.

Bootcut jeans

Born in the early 2000s, bootcut jeans are once again very popular with men. Fitted at the waist, these denim pants have a flared fit that extends from the knee to the ankles. As its name suggests, its fairly wide cut makes it easy to wear (but not exclusively) with boots and imposing shoes.

Slim jeans

The slim jeans are one of the successful men's jeans fit, which we can not do without. It has a fitted waist, narrow thigh and tight bottom. Its cut is close to the body, but without compressing the forms, as can its cousin the skinny jeans.

Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans are trendy second-skin effect denim pants. Very stretchy over the entire leg, it leaves no room for the imagination! It is also very comfortable and offers great freedom of movement to the wearer. These are the tightest jeans you can wear (even if there are super skinny jeans out there).

Tapered jeans

Tapered jeans have a characteristic fit, loose on the hips, slim on the thighs, and tightened at the bottom of the leg with a low crotch. It approaches the carrot cut. This is the right compromise between slim jeans and skinny jeans.

Straight jeans

Straight jeans have a straight cut on the leg, more fitted than regular jeans and a little wider than slim jeans. Its waist is adjusted and its lower leg is tighter.

Adjusted jeans

The adjusted jeans have a rather straight cut, straight at the legs and a little tight at the thighs.

High waist, mid waist or low waist fit?

To make it a little harder for you to choose your denim pant fit, men's jeans can have a high waist, mid waist or low waist fit above the crotch.

High waist jeans

High waist jeans or "high rise" rise just below the navel. It is perfect for men with a small belly who wish to benefit from its "shaping" effect. It is also recommended for not very tall men, as it slims the silhouette with an optical effect.

Mid-waist jeans

This is the right compromise for all uncertain men! Mid-waist or mid-rise jeans, also called "mid-rise", have a cut that stops at the top of the hips. The mid size also has the advantage of elongating the legs of smaller men.

Low waist jeans

Low waist jeans, also called "low rise", have a cut that stops at the hollow of the pelvis. This is the perfect jean size to show off your curves. Low-rise jeans are also perfect for tall, thin men with complexities who want to look a little less slender. Slightly curvy men should avoid low-rise jeans, which are unflattering for their curvy figure.

Men's jeans cut and pockets

It is important to remember that every detail can make the difference in choosing your men's jeans fit! To have a beautiful buttocks, you have to pay attention to the position and shape of the back pockets of your denim pants:

  • Small pockets tend to add curve to the buttocks
  • The large pockets thin the buttocks
  • The wider the pockets, the more flattered your figure will be
  • The higher the pockets are placed on the jeans, the more your buttocks appear raised.

Some tips for choosing your men's jeans fit

Here are some wise tips so you don't go wrong in choosing your men's jeans fit:

  • Your new jeans should fit tight at the thighs and buttocks, and should not require a belt to hold properly. Don't panic, denim relaxes over time
  • Pay attention to the length: the accordion ankle is not very flattering and tightens the silhouette, consider hemming if necessary. The length is perfect when it falls over the foot
  • American sizes shouldn't panic you. The rule for knowing the French size of jeans is simply to add 10 to the American size
  • Dark colors tend to slim the silhouette, unlike lighter shades. Take this data into account when choosing your jeans cut
  • For a more modern look, choose faded jeans. Raw jeans are also a basic to have in your wardrobe and are perfect for a little more sophisticated or casual chic outfits.

Morphologies and jeans fits

As with all clothing, the fit of jeans is chosen according to its morphology for a perfectly enhanced look.

Jeans for the A-shape

Do you have more developed hips than your shoulders? You have an A-shape body. For you, it's about rebalancing your figure by choosing regular, slim or straight jeans. All of these jeans give the illusion of narrower hips and slimmer legs.

Jeans for the O-shape

Do you have curves and a belly? Choose loose, tapered or regular jeans to outline your figure and blur your generous curves.

Jeans for the V-shape

Are your shoulders wider than your hips? You're drawn in a V, you're in luck! To rebalance this athletic silhouette, it is necessary to give volume to the legs. So choose straight and bootcut jeans for example.

Jeans for the H-shape

Are your shoulders and hips aligned, and your waist not marked? You have an H-shaped silhouette. For you, slim fit and straight fit jeans make sure you look perfect.

Jeans for small men

Do you have short legs? The goal is to shape your figure. Choose from slim jeans, skinny jeans or even regular jeans to highlight your body type. Pay attention to the length of your jeans, which must not hide your shoes, otherwise you will visually shorten your look even more! Feel free to hem or roll it up to gain a few inches. However, if you are short and curvy, skinny jeans should be avoided.

Jeans for slender men

Are you tall and thin? The slim, straight, skinny or tapered fits are some of the jeans that will suit you perfectly! Avoid fits that are too tight or too wide that do not highlight your body.

Looks and jeans

Whichever fit of jeans suits you best, know that you can pair your jeans with anything and under any circumstance. With a polo shirt and white sneakers, you have a perfect look to go to work, with a t-shirt or a denim shirt, you can go out in town or go on weekends and with Oxfords or moccasins and a blazer, you have the perfect outfit to go out.

Find your ideal men's jeans fit thanks to Le Temps des Cerises, a designer of jeans for more than two decades!