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The hotel, developed with elegance, well-being, serenity and authenticity in mind, skillfully combines natural materials, design and salvaged materials.

This familiarity moves us and makes us feel at home.
The ‘home from home’ concept makes Le Temps des Cerises Hotel Beach a must for getting away from it all.

It is more than a vision. It is an ideal lifestyle coming within reach, a total change of scene which immerses us in constant meditation.

This longing for nature and simplicity also shows through in the restaurant kitchens…

On the menu – fresh, local and seasonal products, simple but elegant dishes offering something for everyone, with the aim of showcasing the modernism of French cuisine.
Le Temps des Cerises Hotel Beach is a diverse heaven of peace, a place for meeting and sharing, a destination where life is good.
A symbol of freedom that the brand is now cultivating.

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