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Heritage jeans for men

héritage jeans for men

Created and crafted with passion by our jeans artisans, our Heritage range combines over 25 years of expertise to create truly unique pieces. Choosing Heritage jeans means choosing jeans that have been crafted down to the smallest detail!

Know-How         Signature details         Unique washings

Tissu 100% CotonGalbe sublimé
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23 Items

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Heritage Jeans Men


Le Temps des Cerises men Heritage jeans are jeans full of character for your wardrobe, made and worked with passion by our artisan jeaners.

Thanks to its multiple washes and finishes imagined and created to arrive at the perfect jeans, this collection of Heritage jeans is sure to seduce you.

The Héritage jeans for men concentrate more than 20 years of know-how in the field of jeans to achieve perfection. Every detail is there to make your jeans a unique piece that will accompany you for many years.

Heritage jeans for men concentrate the best of our know-how. A wide choice of hand-worked washes: black jeans, black blue jeans, dark blue jeans, vintage blue jeans, and designed to meet all your desires, as well as the details: button or zipped closure, leather jacron, reinforced stitching, repaired holes, rivets, created and worked to always offer more originality. Finally, thanks to the maximum quality of the denim fabric used, the Héritage men's jeans are ideal for ensuring comfort and style over time.

Our Heritage collection is always enriched with new cuts, opt for adjusted jeans to highlight your figure or tapered jeans for a trendy look, with or without destroy for a more rock look. Mix up all your desires with a t-shirt, polo shirt, sweater or coat!

By choosing the Men's Heritage jeans, assert your allure and your personality through unique jeans, and choose the details that will accompany you at work or at a meal with friends. It's simple, the Heritage men's jeans go with you everywhere!

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