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Blue-black jeans for men


Blue-black denim fabric is made from a base of blue denim to which black or grey over-dye is added. The colouring process that the indigo blue fabric undergoes will reveal shades of blue known as denim creation. This dyeing technique is an innovation that makes it possible to achieve new denim looks, resulting in blue-black jeans for men. If you want to add a touch of originality to your outfits, blue-black jeans are the perfect choice. 

Over-dyeing                      Coloration                      Nuances        


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Men blue jeans: a timeless colour

Men's blue jeans are an absolute must-have in your wardrobe! Blue-black jeans too! Blue-black denim trousers are a must-have. This colour, derived from classic blue jeans, adds a touch of fantasy to your wardrobe! Black or grey dye is added to the classic denim fabric for a unique jean colour.

Le Temps des Cerises faded blue jeans for men

A variety of cuts for men's blue jeans

Le Temps des Cerises has been making jeans for over two decades. The brand creates jeans for all men and all body shapes. Our blue jeans for men come in different versions: destroy or vintage, from size 26 to size 40, and in all cuts:

  • Slim jeans: the classic skinny jeans for slim or short men;
  • Skinny jeans: ldenim trousers with a second-skin effect for men who are comfortable with their bodies;
  • Regular jeans: the essential straight denim trousers that suit all body shapes;
  • Adjusted jeans: fitted jeans for sporty men or those with muscular thighs;
  • Tapered jeans:trendy denim trousers, relaxed on the hips and skinny from the knee to the ankle for modern men;

Faded blue jeans: the brand's speciality

Le Temps des Cerises' greatest success is undoubtedly its faded blue jeans for men. These are THE vintage jeans that have been ultra-trendy for several years now, and which appeal to all men. The distressed effect gives a casual, modern look for maximum style! Le Temps des Cerises has unique expertise in its washes, which are all made by hand. The brand only works with quality partners in the design of its jeans. The washing processes are eco-responsible and aim to limit water consumption.

Choose washed used, stone used or double stone for a stylish aged effect that will give you a unique look!

Our washed blue jeans for men can be worn to create casual, rebellious, dressy or trendy sportswear looks for all seasons.

How to wear men blue jeans?

The good news is that men's blue jeans can be worn with everything in your wardrobe! To go to the office, for a special occasion, to go out with your friends... anything is possible with your Le Temps des Cerises blue jeans!

Men's blue-black jeans are perfect for formal wear: for example, with a white shirt, a black belt, loafers and a blazer. They can also be the centrepiece of a sportswear look: a pair of trainers, with a trendy t-shirt and a hooded zip-up sweatshirt... You're sure to look good with them!



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