Women's fashion: how to wear grey jeans?

Just like raw jeans, grey jeans for women are among the basic denim pants to have absolutely in your wardrobe. But how to wear them well? Here are all our tips on how to wear grey jeans to perfection.

How to choose your grey jean?

The different models of grey jeans

Grey jeans have the advantage of being worn during the day as well as in the evening and can be easily associated with all styles: dark grey jeans, light, torn or worn for a rock and rebellious style, light grey jeans with patterns for an original look…

LThe fading work of the gray jeans offers a gradient of color allowing to adapt to all desires. Your denim pants are then unique and will allow you to work on your looks! The details imagined by the creators and the care taken in the making of each jeans give you the choice.

What grey jeans for an x-shape silhouette?

The X-shaped morphology, or hourglass, concerns slim women with a marked waist, shoulders in line with the hips and a slender chest. You'll look great in slim, regular or skinny light grey jeans. The push up effect model is particularly well adapted for your very slim morphology as it shapes your buttocks.

What grey jeans for a figure in 8?

The woman "in 8" is the silhouette of the woman X with more pulp. You can afford regular grey jeans, slim jeans or mom jeans without any complexes. Like the woman in X, it is strongly advised to emphasize your marked size by choosing high waist jeans for an ultra glamorous look.

What grey jeans for a "o" figure?

Grey jeans are great for larger women. For you, it is the regular jeans that you should choose with a belt to mark your waist.

Which grey jean for a silhouette in a?

The morphology in A is the most widespread in France and the designers quickly knew how to adapt to this trend. Are your hips wider than your shoulders? Choose slim grey jeans, high waist or not.

What grey jeans for a v-shape?

Do you have the silhouette of a sportswoman with shoulders wider than your hips? It is the slim or regular grey jeans which are the most suitable for your body type.

"50 shades of Grey"

What colors to wear with grey jeans ?

Grey is a neutral colour that can be combined with almost any colour. You can easily combine it with: black, white, red, orange, burgundy, pink, navy blue, pastel shades, and even other shades of grey... treat yourself! Do you like to be noticed? Flashy colours are very trendy and particularly well highlighted with light grey jeans.

What looks with grey jeans?

It's easy to create looks with light or dark grey jeans. Here are some ideas to inspire you.

The light grey jeans to go to the office

There's no doubt about it, the light grey jeans are perfect for going to the office. They allow you to be elegant without overdoing it. They'll look great with a white wrap over top , black flat or heeled boots and a black blazer jacket.

The grey jeans to go out

To brighten up your grey jeans in the evening, opt for a small sequined top. Choose a black sequined top to go dancing or a pretty white satin babydoll top for a refined style. Combine it with a pair of pumps and it's done! Don't forget to accessorize your outfit with jewellery.

Grey jeans for a glam rock look

For a look that is both glamorous and rebellious, opt for worn-out grey jeans or grey jeans with holes. If you're not a fan of holes, a jean with a strong wash is also perfect for this style. At the top, choose a lace top and a black perfecto.