What jeans for my A-Shape ?

Your shoulders are small, your hips are wider than your bust, you have a morphology in A ! The idea is to choose a jeans that will balance your figure.

The jeans 300/16 slim

For those who assume their shapes, you can opt for slim ! The main thing is to counterbalance the silhouette with a large-mesh sweater or a flying top in order to bring volume. You can wear fancy maxi-necklaces to draw the eye up from the body.

The jeans 300/02 regular

The regular is perfect for your morphology ! Its straight cut on the leg harmonizes the whole of your silhouette and tightens the horse breeches.

The jeans 200/43 boyfriend

Like the regular, the boyfriend rebalances and redraws the figure ! Moreover it offers a casual look that can be broken with a pair of pump shoes for an ultra-modern look !