Men's fashion: what to wear khaki jeans with?

Men's fashion is often governed by a fairly neutral and above all quite limited color palette. It is not always easy to integrate new colours into your wardrobe and to know how to harmonize them. However, khaki is a very fashionable colour. So how do you wear khaki jeans?

Respect the harmony of colours

It is true that the male wardrobe is made up of a smaller variety of colors than the female wardrobe. To compose a men's dressing room, there are three basic colours to have: blue, grey and brown. These three colours work perfectly together and can also be worn in monochrome. They form the core of the men's wardrobe. But it is of course possible to have other colours in your wardrobe.

Secondary colors

To integrate other colours into your dressing room, it is advisable to opt for secondary colours. Secondary colours are obtained by mixing the primary colours. The secondary colours are therefore :

. Green

. Orange

. Purple

Khaki is part of the green colour palette. It is therefore a secondary colour that can be easily integrated into your dressing room. In addition, khaki is one of the trendy colours found in men's fashion. To wear khaki, like any other secondary colour, it is necessary to wear it either in touches with accessories, clothing details or with a whole piece such as trousers, a t-shirt or a sweater. The total look should be avoided, however, except by betting on a monochrome of the same colour palette.

what to wear khaki jeans with

To harmoniously associate khaki jeans, we will use the 3 rather neutral colors mentioned at the beginning of this article: grey, brown and blue. We can also use black and white. The idea is to counterbalance the originality of khaki with the all-purpose colors.

A pair of khaki jeans with a blak t-shirt...

For a casual look that suits all occasions, khaki jeans can be worn with a black t-shirt. Printed or plain, you can allow yourself some fantasy on the t-shirt, without adding too many colours. As for shoes, you can opt for navy blue or dark grey for example. We keep in mind that a harmonious outfit should not be composed of more than 3 colours as far as possible.

Khaki jeans with a grey sweater

For a casual fall-winter look, you can match your khaki jeans with a grey zip-up sweatshirt. Grey and khaki are a good combination. You can wear the zip-up sweatshirt closed or open over a white t-shirt for example. For shoes, choose something neutral like grey or navy blue for example.

A pair of khaki jeans with a navy blue sweatshirt

For a more casual outfit too, you can wear your khaki jeans with a navy blue hoodie. Whether the sweatshirt is plain or with a print or message on the front, navy blue and khaki are a good match. You can choose white or grey shoes for a harmonious outfit.

Khaki jeans with a white shirt

For a more dressy look, you can wear khaki jeans with a white shirt. For a modern and trendy look, choose a rather slim-fitted shirt. For an occasion you can tuck the shirt into your pants, if you want a more casual look you can leave the shirt as it is. As for the shoes, you can choose brown Richelieu for example or contrast the shirt with white sneakers.

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