I have an X-shaped morphology

Morphology in X

Our shoulders are the same width as our hips and we have a marked waist. In fact, our silhouette is perfectly balanced and above all very feminine. Katy Perry, it's us! For this morpho, two scenarios: either we have a generous breast, round thighs and a fairly large pelvis but still aligned with our shoulders, or we have small breasts, thin legs and normal hips symmetrical to our shoulders. Slender or curvy, that is the question.

The slim carrot

In both cases, the slim carrot is very cool with our morpho. We chose it high waist to emphasize the delicacy of our waist, just like the girls in the "Beverly Hills 90210" series wore it.

The bootcut

You can also let yourself be tempted by the boot cut, because this cut of jeans is ideal for blurring slightly strong thighs and plump buttocks. We choose a normal or high waist to encompass our buttocks. Always in the idea of respecting the proportions of our silhouette, we associate our bootcut jeans with a fitted top but not tight.

The slim

Conversely, fairly thin girls in X can turn to slim jeans, preferably high waisted to highlight their small legs and their waistline.