I have an O-shape

Morphology in O

Morphologie en O

Our shoulders are normal, we have a generous chest, a barely present waist, wide hips, a curvy belly and thighs. We also have a Kim Kardashian-style butt (or almost) with a nice arch. The alignment of our shoulders, waist, hips and thighs forms a curved line. In fact, we are a luscious girl, "with shapes and curves, it serves to warm the hearts" to quote the song by Amel Bent.

The boyfriend and the girlfriend

We need jeans that refine us or, at least, that enhance our shapes without adding volume. The top in the matter remains the boyfriend. With its straight cut and quite ample, it makes our slightly thick thighs disappear and as it falls low on the hips, it remains the best friend of curvy buttocks. If you have rather thin legs or if you are small, we prefer the girlfriend, more fitted. Both of these jeans should be chosen in our size and rolled up at the bottom if you don't want to look like a bag, with a preference for destroyed or patchwork models for the fashion touch. Combined with a fitted shirt (but not tight), heeled shoes, a maxi-clutch, this is the best!

The flare

If we are not a fan of these slightly loose jeans, we turn to a flare that will erase our slightly thick legs, to choose in high waist to cover our stomach and slim our waist.

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