I have an H morphology

Morphology in H

Our shoulders are the same width as our hips, we have a little or no marked waist. We have a small breast and a mini booty. Our silhouette is balanced and quite sporty with an almost perfect alignment of shoulders, waist and hips. Our silhouette is balanced but needs to be softened a little.

The regular

Our best ally is the regular. If these straight jeans are nice with all body types, it is still our best fit since they follow our curves and sculpt our hips without marking them. We just make sure to associate it with very assertive and ultra-feminine fashion pieces such as a shirt with a largely unbuttoned jeweled collar, a perfecto jacket and glitter boots to boost our style and our sexy lady side.

The slim and the skinny

We can also jump in a slim or a skinny, two much fitted jeans cuts that emphasize our legs, and that's very feminine. Thin or curvy, it doesn't matter, as long as we take our shape.